Favorite Droid Apps

Here’s my list of apps that I have right now on my EVO 4G:

  • Angry Birds – You’ve heard of it. A fun way to pass the time when you want to play a game.
  • NEW!! AppAware – a crowdsourced listing of what apps are being downloaded the most today, this week, and this month. This would be awesome if more people used it.
  • Barcode Scanner – This is been helpful when I’ve been out shopping and I want to do a price comparison at other local retailers.
  • Chrome to Phone – WOW! If you use Chrome, then you need this app.
  • Dropbox – this is on my “can’t live without” list. It’s an awesome way to share files and be more mobile.
  • Evernote – I use it to notate things I don’t want to forget, but haven’t become a rabid user yet.
  • Finance – best way to keep an eye on the stock market. Needless to say it integrates seamlessly with my Google Finance portfolios.
  • Foursquare – not 100% convinced this will always be on the list. I’m still in test mode.
  • GasBuddy – crowdsourcing gas prices…works well if people near you participate.
  • GoDaddy – LOVE being able to search the availability of that next big domain on-the-fly before I forget it.
  • Google Sky Map – very cool app. Would be even more cool if it weren’t foggy in San Diego every single night.
  • Google Voice – I use this instead of the default voicemail on the phone. It’s very robust. I highly recommend it.
  • Listen – I’m using this to listen to podcasts while I’m on the go. I like it, but I’m open to suggestions.
  • OpenTable – the best way to make a dinner reservation.
  • Pandora – perfect way to listen to the exact music I want commercial free.
  • ScoreCenter – the easiest way to keep up with my hometown teams.
  • Skype – you’ve heard of it. Allows me to be more mobile with a lot of my contacts.
  • Seesmic – the best Twitter app for Android that I’ve used.
  • Shazam – I use this all the time to find songs I want to put on my iPod.
  • NEW!! Square – I just got this and have only used it a couple of times. I’d love for this to be a way for me to ditch traditional merchant account/credit card processing ripoffs.
  • NEW!! TripIt – I don’t travel a ton, but I really like how this keeps track of my itinerary. It’s awesome for quickly answering that end-of0the-trip question, “What time is my flight tomorrow?”.
  • TweetDeck – I like it. Feels to me like the best Droid Twitter app built to this point.
  • Waze – a real-time crowdsourced traffic app. I love this concept and I’m doing my best to help these guys through their BETA phase. I think this has tons of promise.
  • Zillow – what better way to find out what practically any house is worth.

Here are the apps that used to be on the list:

  • Bumpseemed like no one else ever had it. Too bad because I thought it was cool.
  • College FB – too heavy. Took a long time to load.
  • Fring – no one uses it.
  • Open Spot – I don’t drive enough.
  • Yahoo! Messenger – couldn’t justify the disk space.

What am I missing? Share your favorite apps in the comment section below.

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