Brand5 Launches First of Its Kind Facebook Page

Matt Hasselbeck’s Facebook PageWe launched a Facebook Page (membership required) for our client, Matt Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck is the All-Pro quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

What’s exciting is that this is the very first page to be created for an NFL player and possibly the first for any US professional athlete from the four major sports (we are still trying to confirm that last fact).

What exactly is a FacebookPage? Here’s how Facebook describes it,

“Every Facebook Page is a unique experience where users can become more deeply connected with your business or brand. Users can express their support by adding themselves as a fan, writing on your Wall, uploading photos, and joining other fans in discussion groups. You can send updates to your fans regularly — or just with special news or offers.”

We are proud to be on the cutting edge with this. Facebook is the hottest thing going right now. It is truly the ‘killer app’ of 2007. With nearly 60 million members and growing, it makes total sense for every brand to get in front of Facebook users. Facebook, moreso than any other social networking website out there right now, facilitates connections amongst its users with similar interests (in this case the popular leader of the Seahawks).

Facebook is incredibly viral. Without any marketing or fanfare whatsoever, nearly 60 users have become a fan of Matt’s page already.

Brand5 Launches

Food2U CateringWe are pleased to announce the launch of a new project for same-day delivery service Food2U catering. Their new website is located at

Food2U is an innovative new same-day catering service serving the business communities in Boston and Chicago. They facilitate the process that allows users to plan, order and receive your meal all in the same day.

The launch caps four months of development, all done in .NET.

“The Brand5 team exceeded our expectations on this project,” said Food2U Founder Al Maguire.

Maguire added, “We presented them with the challenge to develop the first same day online catering service in the country. Their efforts went above and beyond as we worked with them from the initial concept phases all the way through to launch. We look forward to our continued relationship with them.”

The application is robust. In short, users (consumers) can do all of the following:

  • Register for accounts
  • Search by zipcode for restaurants in the Food2U network
  • View menus for restaurants
  • Place and pay for orders in real-time

On the back end, Food2U has administrative rights to the entire operation. What we have created allows them to do all of the following:

  • Administer the entire website through a content management system
  • Create new restaurants
  • Create custom menus for each restaurant (including items, pricing, extras, delivery times, delivery zones)
  • Check orders through an advanced reporting system

Food2U’s service went public on September 24. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to working with them as their company grows. and Redesigns Launched

We’ve recently completed development of new websites for both of San Diego’s college football bowl games. The two new websites are located at and

The mandate given to us for each project was to update the look-and-feel, increase usability given the vast amount of content each website presents, give the San Diego Bowl Game Association (SDBGA) a way to manage the content on their own, and create new revenue opportunities.

Here are just some of the functionalities we developed:

  • Content Management System – the SDBGA will be able to maintain the content each website from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • E-commerce – full back-end capabilities to manage the sale of all of bowl merchandise and tickets for bowl events.
  • Banner management – the SDBGA will be able to manage their own pay-per-click- or pay-per-show ad campaigns to generate additional revenue.

We also implemented an email marketing platform to help promote each bowl’s brand as well as a web analytics package to allow the SDBGA to monitor the usage of each website.

In addition to developing both websites, we also built a standalone application for the SDBGA’s army of volunteers called the Red Coats and Red Shirts. Each year, the SDGBA host a number of events to raise awareness and money to help support the bowls. The application allows the Red Coats and Red Shirts to register as a volunteer from a list of available time slots. We built it in .NET and it came out really well. This will help streamline a big part of what the SDBGA is all about.

Both projects were completed in conjunction with the Marble Key marketing network. Marble Key is an exclusive professional network of leading experts specializing in wide range of marketing disciplines. They create marketing value that serves companies interested in developing richer customer experience for their products and services.

We joined the Marble Key network earlier this year and have really enjoyed working with them. They have been a tremendous strategic partner for Brand5.

Here’s what Marble Key had to say:

“When Marble Key was invited to bid on the SDBGA web project, we knew Brand5 was the partner to bring into the project,” said Marble Key Managing Partner Mike Nottoli.

“Each of the bowls has developed a brand identity which had not been properly presented to the fans and volunteers in the site design, look and feel. Additionally we faced a significant content management (30 years of bowl stats, photos and video) and revenue generation potential that to date had gone un-tapped. The project was executed flawlessly. The SDBGA is thrilled with the results and cannot wait to add more functionality to deepen the relationship with the fans, volunteers and bowl staff.”

AddThis Social Bookmark Button Relaunched

Back in early April we announced the deal to redesign Since then we have been working on the project and today are proud to announce that the new website is up-and-running.

This was a fun and extremely rewarding project for us. Todd Durkin and his team at Fitness Quest 10 are so passionate about their business that you can’t help but get caught up in it. We worked hard to deliver a vehicle for them that will effectively serve their loyal customer base while acting as a sales tool to acquire new business.

Here are just some of the key functionalities we developed:

  • Content Management System, that gives them complete control over managing the website.
  • E-commerce – full back-end capabilities to manage the sale of all of their product.
  • Dynamic site mapping to produce XML feeds to search engines.
  • Social bookmarking widgets to help spread the word around the web about their great content.

We are pleased because our client is happy with the final result. Here’s what Todd had to say about the new site, “Brand5 has been absolutely awesome to have on my Fitness Quest 10 team. I am proud of my new site because I feel it provides our user-base with the content, look, feel, and emotion that I desired when originally planning for my re-design. Their customer service was outstanding, their team was great to work with, they met all their deadlines, and I feel they truly thought out every decision very carefully for what was in the best interest of my organization. ”

Thanks, Todd. We love being part of your team and look forward to working with you more in the future.

Besides the redesign, Fitness Quest 10 will host their website with Brand5 and is also signed up for a monthly support package that ensures we will answer any questions they may have while we ensure that the content management system stays up-to-date and secure.

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