Treat Every Page Like a Landing Page

A common web management mistake is the assumption that all traffic funnels through a website’s home page. As a result, websites can suffer from high bounce rates (people that arrive onto a website and click off without visiting a second page) and, consequently, lose potential sales.

Let’s assume your website contains valuable content, like a resources section for example, that people find link-worthy. Those people are not going to link to your home page and include directions on how to find the resources section. They are going to link directly to that resource article they think is so great.

So, the big question all of you business owners need to answer: does every page on your website include a way for users to complete your goal?

Continuing our example, let’s say your goal is to get users to fill out a newsletter sign up form. If that sign-up form is only available on your home page, how are users who get to your site via other landing pages ever going to sign up? The answer: they’re not! Think about it. They don’t even know your newsletter offer exists.

Start thinking about user experiences on your website via avenues other than your homepage. An impressive home page is worth a pat-on-the-back, but landing pages that guide users to your goals are more valuable to your business.

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