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Quick update for Brand5 Blog readers – I’m also going to be writing for Outright’s Community. Outright is a free automated bookkeeping software for entrepreneurs & bookkeepers. It’s an awesome product that I wish had been around when I started my business more than 6 years ago.

I hope to post there a couple of times per week, so make sure you check out what I have to say over there as well as here.

My first post is actually already up. I talk about what a pain it is to have to pay overseas vendors via wire transfers.

Top 6 Lessons Learned Since Deciding to Become an Entreprenuer 6 Years Ago

On January 1, 2004 I officially made the leap from Cubicle Land (that’s not actually my old desk in the picture) in corporate America and started my own company. These last six years have been pretty typical of someone who sets out on their own – full of highs and lows, challenges and rewards. Every day is unique. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Like a lot of us, I tend to use this time of year to reflect and look forward to the challenges that are awaiting me in the New Year.

Looking back, I figure I’ve worked an average of 50 hours per week for all 312 weeks over those six years. It’s probably more, but let’s go with 50. That means I’ve invested more than 15,000 hours into being an entrepreneur (I’ve also spent time working on side projects and additional ventures).

According to Malcom Gladwell, I should be an expert in entrepreneurship by now. I’m definitely not. Far from it. But I have learned countless important lessons that influence the decisions I make on a day-to-day basis. In fact the learning that takes place every day is one of my favorite parts of being an entrepreneur and is why I get out of bed each morning.

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San Diego Bowl Game Association Thanks Brand5

San Diego Bowl Game Association Thanks Brand5We got a really nice letter from Rudy Castruita, President of the San Diego Bowl Game Association, thanking us for our work developing new websites for the Holiday Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl.

Here’s a small excerpt from the letter:
“Your creativity and professional approach to our new websites is greatly appreciated,” said Castruita. “You helped bring our organization to the next level with premiere Bowl websites. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.”

Both Bowl games (held in December) were a huge success. Check out some of these numbers provided by the San Diego Bowl Game Association:

  • The Holiday Bowl played in front of their third largest crowd in history (64,020 fans).
  • The Holiday Bowl was the second most watched game on the ESPN schedule, reaching over 4.2 million households.
  • The Poinsettia Bowl had their best attendance ever with 39,129 fans.
  • TV ratings for the Poinsettia Bowl increased by more than 38% compared to 2006.

It’s always a great feeling to be appreciated by our clients. We loved working on the two Bowl websites. The fact that the committee is so pleased is a testament to our team’s proven strategy: this business is all about being dedicated to hard work and service.

Brand5 Turns Four

Happy Birthday Brand5!Brand5 celebrated its fourth birthday on January 1. Hooray!

Year four was a major success for the Brand5 team. We continue to grow at a steady rate (more than 60 percent for the most recent year). Our clients remain fantastic, and we get to work on new and exciting projects all the time.

Here are just some of the websites we launched in 2007:

We are really looking forward to year number 5. Not only because 5 is our favorite number, but because we are already working on some great projects that should be launching in the first half of 2008. From websites to software to applications for social networking sites, we have a lot of work ahead of us.

Thanks again to all of our great clients and strategic partners. We love working with you and look forward to more of the same in 2008.