Case Study: How Our Blog Affects Our Search Presence

Back on July 1, we re-launched this blog after a an 18-month hiatus. We renewed our commitment to writing quality content that we hope will be helpful for business owners. The added hope was that the blog would increase and better our brand’s presence in search. In terms of numbers, our goal was, and continues to be, to write at least 8 blog entries per month.

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Track Your Links with

Ever wonder if anyone clicked the link you included in a Twitter post? Wonder no more. Try

Untitled-2 is an extremely simple-to-use tool that shortens URLs. As a result, it makes sharing links via Twitter or Facebook even easier. That’s valuable because sharing quality and helpful content is important for your credibility. Best of all, it allows you to track have many people clicked on your link and if they have reTweeted your Twitter post.

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5 Ways to Socialize Your WordPress Blog

In case you aren’t one of the cast of thousands (slightly exaggerated) that regularly reads the great content we generate here, a blog adds a lot of SEO value to your website. If you don’t have a blog as part of your current content strategy, then you need to set one up. As always, I recommend WordPress.

Once you have a WordPress blog, I highly recommend you socialize itmake it easy for people to spread your content virally through social media. If you don’t socialize your content, it’s going to sit on an island waiting for the search engine to rescue it. Socializing can bring your blog traffic it probably wouldn’t otherwise get.

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How a Blog is Like a Wig

Bear with me on this one.

In response to my post about the importance of a having a blog, people have asked me if adding a blog to a website is like putting a bandage on SEO wound.

My response: it’s actually more like a wig. A wig can change, and even improve someone’s appearance, but it doesn’t cure baldness.

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