Three Keys to Being a Subject Matter Expert on Twitter

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Status updates don't equal quality for SMEs

I’ve talked about my take on Twitter before. My biggest complaint/knock is that there are millions of people Tweeting but far less people listening. Bottom line: too much noise and not enough value compared to other ways to invest time and money in Internet Marketing.

That being said, I’m not totally against Twitter. I’ll agree that there are some ways to put Twitter to use effectively (more on this in a second), but just a very small percentage of Twitterers use the tool effectively.

Up to this point in time, one of the best uses of Twitter is to establish or enhance a brand’s perception by playing the role of a subject matter expert (SME). For example, a real estate broker in a crowded marketplace could differentiate him or herself by avoiding the temptation of tweeting endlessly about their own listings and instead offering helpful content to homebuyers and sellers. Twitter users in that marketplace who subscribe to the broker develop a sense of trust about the broker, making them more likely to be clients. That should result in more business for the broker (a nice ROI).

The benefits of being an SME depend on the specifics of the industry, but the universal benefit is differentiation. And differentiation usually equals more business. For example, it could mean more leads or the ability to charge a higher hourly rate for consulting, speaking, or training.

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Social Media Mistake to Avoid: Forgetting to Link

I’ve recently noticed a lot of companies making the same exact mistake in social media. They make an announcement about new content they want you to read on their website, but they forget to include a link to said content.

Look, I know no one out there is perfect when it comes to social media practices. It’s still relatively new and there is a learning curve (don’t believe anyone who tells you success on social media is instantaneous). In fact, I applaud companies for trying. But from what I’ve seen, too many companies are forgetting a basic fundamental of usability – make it easy for the user to find the content they want. The harder it is to for them to find, the less chance they will have a good experience on your website and return again.

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Track Your Links with

Ever wonder if anyone clicked the link you included in a Twitter post? Wonder no more. Try

Untitled-2 is an extremely simple-to-use tool that shortens URLs. As a result, it makes sharing links via Twitter or Facebook even easier. That’s valuable because sharing quality and helpful content is important for your credibility. Best of all, it allows you to track have many people clicked on your link and if they have reTweeted your Twitter post.

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Twitter 101: A Must Read for Business Owners

A lot of you business owners out there already get the value of Twitter. Kudos to you, by the way. Some of you have either resisted registering for your first Twitter account, or simply haven’t had the time to think about it.

No matter which category you fall into, take 15 minutes out of your day and read Twitter 101 (published by Twitter). You’ll be glad you did. This quick read makes a compelling argument for why all businesses (large and small) need to have some presence on Twitter.  Even if you are on Twitter already, this will serve as a valuable refresher.

The best part is the section of case studies. My favorite is the one about the dessert franchise Tasti D Lite. After reading these, I’m sure you’ll be able to envision how your business can leverage Twitter.

People ask me frequently why they should invest their time in Twitter. After reading Twitter 101, you’ll feel the same way I do – you can’t afford not to invest your time in Twitter.