So…How Does SEO Work?

I’ve said this before, but these days practically every business owner I meet wants to talk about SEO.

Most of the time, the conversation is spent talking about their pain. Either they are frustrated with a current provider that’s not producing, or they have recently come to the realization that their website’s performance in search engines is lacking and they need help. And they need help fast.

Inevitably, the conversation will turn to our approach to search engine optimization. It’s a great question. People want to know what it is we do to get results. I always tell them that we didn’t write the book on SEO. And our methods are hardly a secret. At the end of the day, we follow a proven method that utilizes white hat technologies. In other words, we don’t cheat.

So the answer is a mix of experience, ethical practices, and hard work. All of that usually equals  success.

You can read more about our process. There’s an overview on our website.

Bing Grabs Market Share. SEO Beware?

Bing is here. Are you using it? The numbers show that people are at least trying it. comScore says that it’s gaining market share.

Bottom line: it’s early. But it does raise som interesting possibilities for those of us in SEO.

Chances are people are hearing about Bing or seeing their multitude of ads and are giving it a try. Do the early results mean that Google needs to start worrying? They may lose some market share, but it’s hard to imagine Bing becoming the most used search engine.

If Bing adoption does take off, this would obviously mean a change in the search engine optimization and search engine marketing business. At that point, instead of companies obsessing about how their website perform on Google, they’ll also want to increase their exposure on another search engine.

From my experience with Brand5, demanding outstanding organic performance would be a new phenomenon. An overwhelming amount of business owners that come to us for SEO services are concerned about their performance on Google (and I can’t say I blame them, at least for organic search results). Our services are proven to help how their website ranks on all major search engines (both paid and organic), but ultimately it’s how their site ranks on Google that makes them feel like they are getting good ROI on their search engine optimization spend.

Bing is probably a long way from changing the way the average business owner views the importance of anything other than Google. But if the growth trends continue, look for Bing search engine optimization to become more popular amongst search engine optimization companies.