The Quest for Qualified Traffic Starts With the Fundamentals of SEO

Qualified traffic.

Small business owners and startups who rely heavily on their website for sales all stress over how to get more of it. Oh, and they want it cheap. Quite the conundrum!

There are lots of ways to get more traffic. All involve some level of investment (either time or money). None involve some level of magic (unfortunately, because that would be kind of cool).

Success acquiring qualified traffic starts with getting the basics right first. And the basics don’t always involve hiring a super-expensive SEO firm that claims they are going to make you millions in 3 months (by the way if anyone tells you that, just hang up).

If your website can do all of the following, you’ll see more qualified traffic. And it won’t burn a huge hole in your wallet.

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Social Media Mistake to Avoid: Forgetting to Link

I’ve recently noticed a lot of companies making the same exact mistake in social media. They make an announcement about new content they want you to read on their website, but they forget to include a link to said content.

Look, I know no one out there is perfect when it comes to social media practices. It’s still relatively new and there is a learning curve (don’t believe anyone who tells you success on social media is instantaneous). In fact, I applaud companies for trying. But from what I’ve seen, too many companies are forgetting a basic fundamental of usability – make it easy for the user to find the content they want. The harder it is to for them to find, the less chance they will have a good experience on your website and return again.

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Add a Twitter Tab to Your Facebook Fan Page

Ever wonder how to automatically post your Tweets to their own separate tab on your Facebook Fan Page instead of on the Wall tab? Well, I’ve been trying to figure it out and finally did thanks to Involver.

Involver has a free and simple-to-install app called Twitter for pages that allows you to setup a separate Twitter tab on your Facebook fan page.

Here’s a view of Brand5’s Facebook Fan Page with the Twitter tab installed.


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5 Ways to Socialize Your WordPress Blog

In case you aren’t one of the cast of thousands (slightly exaggerated) that regularly reads the great content we generate here, a blog adds a lot of SEO value to your website. If you don’t have a blog as part of your current content strategy, then you need to set one up. As always, I recommend WordPress.

Once you have a WordPress blog, I highly recommend you socialize itmake it easy for people to spread your content virally through social media. If you don’t socialize your content, it’s going to sit on an island waiting for the search engine to rescue it. Socializing can bring your blog traffic it probably wouldn’t otherwise get.

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